Roleplaying Games List - Entanglements

The next few weeks, I will be publishing lists of the roleplaying games I have bought from DrivethruRPG, along with some sort of brief comment. Possibly a review, once I have used it a few times.

I will start with today, and the short indie book Entanglements from Yaruki Zero Games.


Entanglements is a story-mapping tool for use with most any role-playing game. Over the course of a few hours you will build up a complex relationship map that can enrich and inform a campaign. The PDF includes a reference sheet and tips for using Entanglements with D&D, Fate, Fudge, GURPS, Apocalypse World, and more.

A nice, basic system, useful for solo play or group play. Available as a Pay What You Want title from DriveThru.

The Introduction states:-

This is a set of rules for use with most any role-playing game to help you build up a deeply interconnected set of characters. It is essentially instructions for making a “story map” that shows relationships between characters, places, events, and objects that will hopefully help provide the basis of an exciting campaign. It doesn’t replace the character creation system of whatever game you’re playing, but it will definitely influence the choices players make in creating their characters. Using Entanglements is fairly time-consuming, and it’s best to set aside an entire session for it, possibly with character creation included. This in turn means it’s best for when you’re intending to commit to a long-term campaign.

As usual, I only buy a thing from DriveThruRPG if I have a feeling that I will be needing it - and by the look of the preview, this is an item that I very much need.

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