The Landlord's Daughter [video] - The Wicker Man Soundtrack

The series continues ...

Much has been said of the strumpets of yore
Of wenches and bawdy house queens by the score
But I sing of the baggage that we all adore
The Landlord's Daughter

(Oh, her lips are as rose as her wine is a treat
Her whisky is good and her figure is neat
And while she is serving her bitter she's sweet
The landlord's daughter.)

You'll never love another
Although she's not the kind of girl
To take home to your mother

Her ale it is lively and strong to the taste
It is brewed with discretion and never with haste
You can have all you like If you swear not to waste
The Landlord's Daughter

And when her name is mentioned
The parts of every gentleman
Do stand up at attention

Now there's Jane of the Blossom and Doll of the Crown
Pretty Kate of the Garter and Star down in town
Fat Dolly who keeps the Red Heart of renown
But I'll take the landlord's daughter.

Oh, nothing can delight so
As does the part that lies between
Her left toe and her right toe

More lyrics http://www.allthelyrics.com/lyrics/paul_giovanni/the_landlords_daughter-lyrics-471630.html#ixzz3eUdN2qKJ

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