William Shakespeare's Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1, as penned by William Shakespeare. Taken from The Season of The Tenth, Part Seven.

Act III, Scene 1.

[A planet's surface. MITCHELL, TEAL'C and DANIEL JACKSON stand beside a Stargate.]

[Divers alarums as the Stargate activates.]

Mitchell: Behold! Through yonder ancient metal ring
a company of dread Jaffa arrives.

[Enter Jaffa, stage left]

Jaffa: Where are the Tau'ri who would dare to mock
our Master Ba'al, who would be God of all?

Teal'c: Behold, Ba'al's folly, vanity and greed.
Join us. Renounce Ba'al, and be free.

Daniel: Indeed.

Teal'c: Thou stealest my line.

Daniel: My apologies.

Jaffa: Detain them, my brothers!

[Jaffa zat SG-1]

Daniel: Ai! We are struck! [falls]

Jaffa: 'Tis but a stunning strike, you nincompoop.
Though were a second strike to land on you
'Twould be a fatal blow.

Teal'c: It would indeed. [falls]

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